For this 8 week block of Beat the Bulge we have a one of our participants documenting her journey through out the challenge. Our Beat the Bulge programme is a weight loss challenge that runs for a duration of 8 weeks. Here’s what’s included in this programme:

  • 3 training sessions per week
  • Weekly weigh-ins and food monitoring
  • A nutrition plan with recipe ideas and support
  • Overall winners and runner up prizes announced.

Here’s what Marian had to say about week 4 of her journey:

Monday… sense of anticipation is very real at weigh in. It’s serious now. Less self-conscious when name is called, the 10 seconds while Darryl calculates weight loss/gain seems forever. (Clipboard man is gone now. Not embarrassed about my weight/size anymore so no more coping strategies!!) Down again, delighted. The class was challenging, the ante has really been upped, and I teamed up with some of the fittest women this week. Was pushed all the way, thanks Girls! Can now hold a plank for 1min, could have held it for more but didn’t want to show off!! Class of circuits with a run in between each, think trainer has really lost the plot Real sense of encouragement going on in the class, great feeling.

Tuesday…knackered today. Rest day. Hungry all afternoon/evening so just ate clean. Made mackerel pate, so good.

Wednesday …Classes have really gone up a gear. Tough class but can really feel progress. Kettle bells and TRX. The squat jump with the TRX is a killer, again it’s the body weight, but I do feel a little less wobble going on.

Thursday morning, walking taller and feel more confident, amazing what losing 12 lbs of fat and eating clean for 26 days does for you. No more knicker roll (women will really understand that one) Thursday evening, really frustrated with myself when I read the stats for the week. Am annoyed, thought I did better. Go to bed cross. Lots of self-talk.

Friday…what a class. Toughest thing I’ve done in years. Pushed myself all the way. It’s my journey. It’s for me. The class was insane, so hard but what a sense of achievement when I finished. 3 runs to Shanleys, didn’t stop at all, slow but did it. Realise after class that I was too hard on myself last night, thanks Elaine, Darryl, Paul for your encouraging words. Food…Food has been really easy this week. Am on a roll. There’s no way I’m eating crap when I bust my guts in class. The secret for me is have lots of healthy stuff nearby when hungry. Alcohol hasn’t crossed my mind at all. Did spin on Sun with Conor (beast, no offence) Must have lost 2 Pints of fluids, what a way to start the morning off? Got in 3 5k walks this week. Decided I’m going to get as much out of the BTB as I can. Kids and husband ask how Bulge is going. They can see a happier Mam and they like it. Best thing I’ve done in years.

We’re delighted with your feedback Marian! Keep up the amazing work and we’re looking forward to reading more about your journey as the weeks progress!

If you would like any more information about our Beat the Bulge Programme you can either give us a call on 0864048419, PM us on Facebook or drop into us in Mullaghboy Industrial Estate.