For this 8 week block of Beat the Bulge we have a one of our participants documenting her journey through out the challenge. Our Beat the Bulge programme is a weight loss challenge that runs for a duration of 8 weeks. Here’s what’s included in this programme:

  • 3 training sessions per week
  • Weekly weigh-ins and food monitoring
  • A nutrition plan with recipe ideas and support
  • Overall winners and runner up prizes announced.

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Here’s what Marian had to say this week:

Monday…weigh in, dreaded standing on the scales after losing nothing last week. Stood on them, talked nervous gibberish to Darryl, got off them, and had to get back on them, really sick. Then the sweetest words I’ve heard in years, 8lbs down, yeee haaa. Absolutely delighted. But what really delighted me more was the cheer from the 10o clock bulgers when they heard the result, we have really gelled as a group. Fat, thin, whatever, it doesn’t matter. We’re having a ball! Classes…really, really upped a gear this week. I’m being challenged all the time. No time to get complacent. I can manage 7 burpees on the trot .Far cry from the despair I felt inside the first day when Darryl said hit the floor for burpees. I actually panicked as I couldn’t manage to get down onto the floor. My burpee was bend my knees and touch the floor. What I appreciate now is that I wasn’t singled out as being unable to do it, I wasn’t made feel fat and useless. I was left to do ‘my’ version of burpees until the end of week 2. I was about to do ‘my’ burpee when Darryl said ‘try do a burpee on the floor, take your time and try’. Try I did and here I am now. I feel I could do a burpee masterclass. ( in my mind anyway) Boxing on Friday was great. Loved the change, its good to have different trainers also. (No offence Darryl!)
Body weight….Still dread those words. I’ve a bit less of it now but still have more than the average person. Jumping Jack’s, (still awful,) try doing them while trying to stop boobs bouncing everywhere! Not easy. High knees…ditto. Food…Still sticking rigidly to clean eating. It’s become habit now. Keeping a food diary really helps. Head…BTB (or Beat the Bounce) works…am happy with my progress so far. Hard work, exercise, good food. I deserve to look after myself, I’m worth it.  Glad to have BTB as part of my routine this week, had happy/ sad milestone, turned to exercise to deal with it. It worked!! Cleared the head, focused on the positive. Took in a couple of extra classes this week. Justin’s boxing on Thursday was good, hard and challenging, Spin again Sunday, tougher than usual Suzanne, great start to the day. Weigh in tomorrow, sure we’ll see what that brings.

Great work Marian!!

If you would like any more information about our Beat the Bulge Programme you can either give us a call on 0864048419, PM us on Facebook or drop into us in Mullaghboy Industrial Estate.