For this 8 week block of Beat the Bulge we have a one of our participants documenting her journey through out the challenge. Our Beat the Bulge programme is a weight loss challenge that runs for a duration of 8 weeks. Here’s what’s included in this programme:

  • 3 training sessions per week
  • Weekly weigh-ins and food monitoring
  • A nutrition plan with recipe ideas and support
  • Overall winners and runner up prizes announced.


Here’s Marian’s experience so far this week:

Monday. Clipboard man calls name (not comfortable yet calling him Darryl as he’s the only male besides my obstetrician who has ever been privy to my weight!!). Walk a little more confidently to scales, still don’t look down. Phew that’s over, happy enough. There’s a great group in the class, getting to know people. Short class but still tough. Can now hold a plank for 45 secs, throw myself on the floor and get up again. Progress. Food…clean eating. Am doing really well with food plan. No desire for rubbish and haven’t wanted to eat the house this week. Planning and prepping food is definitely the way for me. Mantra, it’s not a diet it’s healthy eating. I’ve made friends with every vegetable going as well as the girls on the checkout in the local shops they’re seeing that much of me. Thai chicken curry, homemade veg soup, homemade pesto, spinach…love it all. Head…. Sounds corny but I’m on a journey, lots of self-talk this week, it dawned on me that my children can’t really remember me anything but heavy and that really stuck with me. My children are fit, one rock climber, one gym fanatic and one fab footballer. I would never allow them to get into the shape that I’m in. Time to change!

Wednesday…Boxing. Class was so so good. It was the most difficult thing I’ve done in years but I loved it. The satisfaction I felt on finishing was fabulous. Everybody said Wednesday boxing class was the hardest ever in BTB…game on!!.

Friday….what a class… 50 reps of each exercise, including my old enemy burpees, still can’t do them properly but I have improved! This was finished with a run to Shanleys. I thought he got it wrong when he said run, but run I did (or over weight shuffle as i call it!) What’s more I didn’t stop on the run at all. Seriously the difference in my fitness in 19 days is huge. Still can’t manage jumping jacks (boobs too big!) but I smashed the straight jacks, yaay.

This week must be the honeymoon period. I relished being pushed to my limit in class. Exercise really is addictive. Food…why waste all that exercise by eating crap?? And the trainer would go mad!!

Saturday…did the stretching/yoga. Very beneficial. Was tired after it.

Sunday…did the spin with Suzanne. It was a great class, totally lost myself in the music and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did 4 x5k walks this week also. I haven’t felt this good/alive/ motivated in years. Roll on tomorrow.

We’re delighted with your feedback Marian! Keep up the amazing work and we’re looking forward to reading more about your journey as the weeks progress!

If you would like any more information about our Beat the Bulge Programme you can either give us a call on 0864048419, PM us on Facebook or drop into us in Mullaghboy Industrial Estate.