For this 8 week block of Beat the Bulge we have a one of our participants documenting her journey through out the challenge. Our Beat the Bulge programme is a weight loss challenge that runs for a duration of 8 weeks. Here’s what’s included in this programme:

  • 3 training sessions per week
  • Weekly weigh-ins and food monitoring
  • A nutrition plan with recipe ideas and support
  • Overall winners and runner up prizes announced.

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Here’s Marian’s experience so far this week:

Monday… Weigh in, not as apprehensive as before, sure I did everything right. Food…great exercise….great. Stood on the scales and what do you know, I lost NOTHING!!, zero, nadaa, zilch . Couldn’t believe it, wanted to say the scales were wrong (serious denial here). Disgusted to say the least, all my effort didn’t pay off. Ah well have to brush myself down and get on with it. Great class, lots of boxing, pulverized the bag (in my mind anyway) felt good after, great way to deal with the disappointment of a bad weigh in.

Wednesday…Elaine spoke to us. She made great sense. Class of circuits was absolutely mental. Really, really difficult. I’d say Dorian (oops Darryl!!) spends hours devising torturous workouts. Runs in between circuits are hard but not as daunting now. Burpees at the end were a killer. Couldn’t do them all but tried. Lay face down on the floor at the end laughing (better than crying) adrenaline was high. Food… Cooked in bulk this week. Really controlled portions. Have been meticulous.

Friday… Come back Darryl all is forgiven… Conor was unleashed on us today. Oh My God. He could not have made up that class on his own. It was absolutely totally and utterly the hardest workout ever. Pushed to my absolute limit. The satisfaction after though. Think everyone was in shock. Shattered.

Saturday…went go karting, just as well I’ve lost weight. Seat was snug, so definitely wouldn’t have fit in it 6 weeks ago, imagine the mortification…

Sunday….did spin with Suzanne. Great class even though heartbeat was 480… Took in 3 5k walks also this week.
Head… Was tough Monday/Tuesday after poor weigh in. Felt really low and even sad. I’ve invested a lot in this. Decided to put it behind and look forward. Didn’t eat the house or mill the wine in frustration so that’s progress.
If you hear a mad, blood curdling scream at 10ish tomorrow morning it’ll be me throwing the scales at the wall and being physically restrained by the men in the white coats!

Keep up the amazing work Marian!

If you would like any more information about our Beat the Bulge Programme you can either give us a call on 0864048419, PM us on Facebook or drop into us in Mullaghboy Industrial Estate.