For this 8 week block of Beat the Bulge we have a one of our participants documenting her journey through out the challenge. Our Beat the Bulge programme is a weight loss challenge that runs for a duration of 8 weeks. Here’s what’s included in this programme:

  • 3 training sessions per week
  • Weekly weigh-ins and food monitoring
  • A nutrition plan with recipe ideas and support
  • Overall winners and runner up prizes announced.

Here’s what Marian had to say:

Beginners Beat the Bulge – Week 1
Sunday. Room full of strangers, feel the fear and do it anyway. Don’t look at the scales, avoid eye contact when measurements are being taken. Phew, the worst is over.

Monday. The 1st class was a challenge, difficult, hard, jumping around, wobbling. Self-talk, why did I let myself get into this state? While trying to get down on the floor and lie flat I had a Eureka moment, exercise and eating can only improve this.

Wednesday. 2nd class of circuits was difficult but actually enjoyable. Working out with others in the same situation spurs me on. Different stations and reps made the hour fly.

Thursday. Can’t make Friday so did Boxing @10am didn’t know anyone but they were so friendly. A great class, great way to clear the mind but those bear crawls! Food. I read the recipe book. Clean eating, not rocket science. My main thought was why waste an hour’s exercise by eating rubbish? Clean eating is coming along nicely. Post work out meal of poached eggs, salmon, salad leaves and whole meal thins hits the spot. Dinner of wholemeal pasta, tomatoes and anchovies is filling. Joanne and Darrel say it’s all about the sugars. I’m reading labels, I thought I knew what was in food…wrong…

Friday. Have a headache all day, major sugar withdrawals. Clean eating is working. Drink lots of water but it won’t go. I want to eat the house. Vegetable curry and grains for dinner. Really tired today. Must be sugar withdrawals.

Saturday. Porridge and blueberries feels like a feast this morning. Hasn’t entered my head to eat crap. Made the Chickpea roasted nuts (in booklet) really nice, had them with Pellegrino Sat evening. Still have the headache.

Sunday. No headache this am. Yaay. Took the 10am spin today. I finished the class, delighted with myself. Kept strictly to the food plan. Not easy but I did it. Week 1 done. Weigh in tomorrow. Bring it on.”

Excellent work Marian! We’re looking forward to reading more about your journey as the weeks progress!

If you would like any more information about our Beat the Bulge Programme you can either give us a call on 0864048419, PM us on Facebook or drop into us in Mullaghboy Industrial Estate.