121HomeFit Online Training Course


Welcome to our online home fitness training course which is the home of 121 Fitness online training workouts, videos, meal plans, recipes and lots of support from qualified Trainers and our Nutritionist Joanne Gribbin.

Your journey online with us will start with the first two week Block 1 – Base & Intensity. This block consists of 6 bodyweight workouts, meal plan to keep you on track.

Exercise is not only great for the body but also our heads, especially now in current situation those endorphins released through exercise are needed!

There are four Blocks in total giving you a 8 week plan for your training and nutrition needs. All the exercises can be modified or made harder by including resistance weights to certain exercises, so 121HomeFit can cater for all fitness levels.

There is a food diary also included if you want to track what and when you eat, this can help make you accountable and shift some weight if needed.

Once you complete Block 1 the next Block will be unlocked to provide progression with the difficulty and variety of workouts and new meal plans.

Good luck and give it your best!

Module 1 121Fitness Online Course - Block 1 (2 weeks)
Unit 1 121Fitness Online Course - Block 1 - Introduction
Unit 2 121Fitness Online Course - Block 1 - Week 1 - Base
Unit 3 121Fitness Online Course - Block 1 - Week 2- Intensity