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    Emer Pigott

    Darell, i Just did workout 3. Totally gassed out after part A. So what i mean is i feel like i may throw up almost and a bit light headed. Its tougher without the Adrenalin buzz of a group class and music but I dont think i have the fitness Level yet to continue with part B after part A. i know it will come. I took a break and did part C. Core work us ok for me.

    Overall I dont feel i have failed in week 1 because i am really pleased with how good i feel after the week and also with my good weight loss .
    Question is do i progress to the tougher workouts In week 2 or try to crack week 1 workouts in week 2 instead?

    121 Fitness

    Hey Emer

    You crack on and keep giving it your best effort, the workouts are designed to push you and make the most of the blocks. Scaling down on either the time/ reps or taking longer break times is totally acceptable. So carry on with week 2 and keep up the good work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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